Entrepreneur Stream

Canada has 10 provinces & 3 territories and each province has its own entrepreneur stream and preferred industries depending on their economic development & labour market preferences

The PNP Entrepreneurial Stream is designed for experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to become permanent residents by owning a business and managing it in one province of your choice while residing in that province.


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Through Canada’s Business Class immigration path ways, Canada aims to attract individuals that have a substantial ability to contribute to the Canadian economy. These path ways are offered with the aim of promoting economic development and improving the job market by attracting investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals from outside Canada with available venture capital, significant business acumen, and entrepreneurial skills. The demographics, cost of living and business set up cost varies from province to province and hence each province has its own requirements for required investment and the businesses they would like to attract.

However the overall process for Entrepreneur Immigration goes as below:

Each province has its own eligibility criteria and required investment for its entrepreneur streams but if you have the following than you may be eligible for one of the entrepreneur streams.

  • Must be willing to invest CAD 100,000 + and be actively involved in managing the business
  • Overall Net worth of CAD 250,000 and above (includes spouse’s net worth)
  • Must have 3-4 years of experience as Business Owner or Senior Manager
  • Language proficiency requirements: CLB 4 -5 in English or French

  • We help you spotting the right opportunity and facilitate establishing a new business, buy an existing business or franchise or buy shareholdings of a company
  • Help with market research, make local business contacts and arrange exploratory visit if required
  • Assist with pitch creation, business plan development and getting referral from community (if required)
  • Preparing and processing EOI, PnP entrepreneur applications, work permit and PR application
  • Incorporate, acquire or setup your business by taking care of corporate formation and taking care of legal and financial aspects as required
  • Help you understand and comply with employment, licensing and other regulatory requirements & laws in Canada
  • Help you move your key employees to Canada or hire foreign workers if required

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We are an international immigration and recruitment company that specializes in locating and assessing qualified workers from around the world for employment with Canadian companies. Our goal is to recruit competent and loyal employees to join your team. According to the requirements of employers, we methodically select the best candidates to support your business and contribute to its success. We always seek candidates who share our values of honesty, integrity and confidence, and whose primary goal is to establish themselves in Canada. We accompany you throughout the entire process, from welcoming workers to following up with you after their arrival.

Immisa has precise expertise in helping employers to hire foreign nationals and can assist them with getting LMIAs. We also connect foreign nationals with those employers who are looking to hire International talent to their team. We help foreign workers seek employment in Canada and connect them with right opportunity. We assist both parties under TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program) and IMP (International Mobility Programs).

We help foreign entrepreneurs/ investors to incorporate & acquire business in Canada. We can help them find business in the industry of their interest or experience and can facilitate the   incorporation of new businesses as well when required.  Finding the right business opportunity and setting it up appropriately is one of the crucial factors that will determine your chances of success when applying for Canadian Immigration. We put you in touch with right resources and ensure that you have all the legal guidance to make an informed decision.

Canada is a great place to do business. We work with you to identify your investment requirements based on your investment strategy, skills, industry and immigration needs. We help you identify Canadian start-ups/ companies with strong business models and lucrative growth potential and match them to your investment requirements.

There are multiple streams through which Businessman/ Investors/ Entrepreneurs can acquire permanent residence of Canada and we can help you chose the best fit, however it is a multiple step process and requires a planned approach.

Business Class immigration develop new commercial opportunities in Canada and to improve Canada’s access to developing foreign markets by welcoming foreign nationals who are aware of those markets and their exclusive requirements and customs. If this option sounds well-suited to your experience and goals, there are numerous immigration path ways to choose from.

Immigration to Canada can be very complicated for businesses, business owners, and foreign nationals. It is often crucial to hire business immigration professional with the skill, experience, and patience to successfully navigate this complex process. We assist individuals and business persons navigate the various legal, regulatory, and government requirements surrounding the process of immigrating to Canada. Our goal is to provide smooth and proficient immigration process with matchless customer experience.