Pilot Programs

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Immigration pilots are limited-term programs specifically designed to address the needs of particular areas and communities in Canada. These pilot programs aim to bring unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled foreigners in to address these shortages by creating a path to permanent residence for those who want to live and work permanently in Canada. 

  • Rural & Northern Pilot
  • Atlantic immigration pilot (AIPP)
  • Home Care Provider Pilot
  • Agri-Food Pilot

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-driven program. It’s designed to spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities by creating a path to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers who want to work and live in one of the participating communities.

The Current Participating Communities

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program, you must meet all IRCC eligibility requirements. You must

  • have qualifying work experience or have graduated from a publicly funded post-secondary institution in the recommending community
  • meet or exceed the language requirements
  • meet or exceed the educational requirements
  • prove you have enough money to support your transition into the community
  • intend to live in the community
  • meet community-specific requirements

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The Atlantic immigration pilot is aimed at skilled workers who are seeking permanent residence in one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces, namely Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

In most cases, the applicant must obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in order to obtain a Canadian job offer valid for immigration purposes. But through Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, LMIA is not required. Instead, the job offer must be from a designated Canadian employer.

Three Streams of applications

There are 3 streams under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, which target different types of candidates depending on labour needs in each region.

Atlantic High-Skilled Program

Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

Atlantic International Graduate Program 

For all three streams, a foreign national have to show proof that they meet the language, education and work experience requirements, they have a job offer from a designated employer, and that they have enough money or individualized settlement plan to support themselves and their family when they come to Canada.

If you want to know more about Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, feel free to contact us and we will discuss every step and option for you.

Canada has introduced two new home caregiver pilots to help home support providers immigrate to Canada. They serve as substitutes for the LCP (Live-in Caregiver Program), which was closed to new applicants at the same time. Under the new home care provider pilots you will be able to apply for permanent residence if you have a valid job offer or already have work experience in Canada as a caregiver as well as meet the eligibility requirements.   

The 2 new immigration pilots, available to Home Care Providers are:

Home Child Care Providers

Home child care providers help parents look after children and may be required to help out with household duties. Care can be provided either in their own homes or in their employer’s homes.


Home Support Worker Providers

Home child care providers help parents look after children and may be required to help out with household duties. Care can be provided either in their own homes or in their employer’s homes.


Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • have valid job offers of continuous, paid, full-time employment (at least 30 hours a week) from up to two employers in Canada for at least one year OR a certificate of qualification from a provincial body
  • provide proof of language proficiency— Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) 5 for speaking and listening, CLB 4 for reading and writing
  • have obtained 2 years of full-time work experience or an equal amount of part-time work in the skilled trade in past five years
  • able to demonstrate the skills and experience and that they have performed the essential duties of the occupation
  • candidates must plan to reside outside the province of Quebec. The province of Quebec selects its own skilled workers through a unique immigration system

The Agri-Food Pilot helps address the labour needs of the Canadian agri-food sector.

The pilot provides a pathway to permanent residence for experienced, non-seasonal workers in specific industries and occupations. It will run until May 2023.

Eligible occupations

For meat product manufacturing (NAICS 3116), eligible jobs are
  • NOC B 6331 – Retail butchers
  • NOC C 9462 – Industrial butchers
  • NOC B 8252 – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  • NOC D 9617 – Food processing labourers
For greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production, including mushroom production (NAICS 1114), eligible jobs are
  • NOC B 8252 – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  • NOC C 8431 – General farm workers
  • NOC D 8611 – Harvesting labourers
For animal production, excluding aquaculture (NAICS 1121, 1122, 1123, 1124 and 1129), eligible jobs are
  • NOC B 8252 – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  • NOC C 8431 – General farm workers

Eligibility Requirements:

To apply for permanent residence under the Agri-Food Pilot, you need

  • eligible Canadian work experience in one or more of the eligible industries and occupations
  • a full-time, non-seasonal job offer from a Canadian employer in one of the eligible industries and occupations (outside of Quebec)
  • to meet or exceed the language requirements of CLB 4 or above
  • to meet or exceed the educational requirements of Canadian High School or equivalent
  • to have settlement funds (if applicable)
  • to maintain temporary resident status (if already in Canada)

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